The Throw Away Girl is a true story about resilience, acceptance, and creating a new sense of home.

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The Throw Away Girl is a true story about resilience, acceptance, and creating a new sense of home.

  • I could not put it down! I absolutely love this book! I could not put it down. I read page after page, feeling Tiffany’s emotion, conflict and her empowering strength. Chill bumps often covered my arms as I turned the pages. Tiffany’s story, her words . . . heartfelt and inspiring!

    I hope that everyone will read this book.

    We as women, as parents, as humanity have a obligation to know the signs and protect as many children as we can. - Cori A.

  • I could not put it down! I absolutely love this book! I could not put it down. I read page after page, feeling Tiffany’s emotion, conflict and her empowering strength. Chill bumps often covered my arms as I turned the pages. Tiffany’s story, her words . . . heartfelt and inspiring!

    I hope that everyone will read this book.

    We as women, as parents, as humanity have a obligation to know the signs and protect as many children as we can.

    - Cori A.

At a young age, I was emancipated from my parents. I became the 2nd case in the state of Utah to become emancipated at that age. I had endured all forms of abuse in my life by that time in my life.

I paid rent through high school, renting a small basement apartment while carrying 3 part-time jobs my senior year. During this time I had felt an incredibly heavy depression and was experiencing suicidal thoughts. I felt lost and alone. I felt I didn’t have a purpose for living in this world anymore.

Until one day I shared my story with a handful of strangers during a state wide competition for FCCLA up in Ogden. There were various categories to compete in. I choose speaking. I gave a presentation on recognizing the signs of abuse and how it impacts our community.

Receiving positive praise and sharing my story that day ignited something in me. It was an A-ha moment of sorts. I realized that sharing my story with others really filled my cup. It was helping me heal. I had found my purpose!

I went on to give more presentations at various events; the principles academy, school assemblies, classrooms, boys and girls clubs, rotary clubs, team events and firesides. The more I told my story, the more I grew as a person in my journey of healing.

One day, I was giving a presentation at a school. At the end of the presentation a tall man walked up to me with his wife and said he was inspired by my story. He and his wife invited me to lunch to talk more about it. With a growling belly from skipping breakfast that morning, I obliged and went to lunch with him and his wife.

I met them for lunch at a local restaurant. I sat down at the table where the man and his wife greeted me with a stack of books. As I eye the stack of books wondering where this was going. He gently pushed them across the table towards me. With a look of puzzlement I said, “What are these?” He said, “They are all books I’ve written”.

I looked down at the books in amazement and began to scan the titles; “Puppies for Sale”, “Chicken Soup for the College Soul”, “The Most Popular Stories” “Dan Clark’s Humor File” and more. I thought, “Wow, this guy is an author. That’s so cool!” His name was Dan Clark.

He then proceeded to tell me how incredible he thought my story was and that I too should write a book. A book about my life and story.

Me? Write a book? That seemed like an insurmountable task. Would people even read it?

He told me that my story could help so many people by sharing it and publishing it into book form. I kind of brushed it off by telling him I would think more about it and thanked him for being so kind.

We had a nice lunch and conversation that day. As the lunch came to a close and we all stood up to leave the restaurant, he looked at me and reminded me how writing a book and sharing my story would truly impact others. He was confident that this was something I needed to do. Somewhere deep inside it resonated with me, but I filed that feeling away for the moment.

I thanked him again and gave him and his wife a hug as we parted ways. I was 18 years old at the time.

In the following days, weeks and months, I kept on thinking about what he had said to me that day and the impression my story had made on him. His words kept coming to the fore front of mind.

I thought, “If my story had that kind of impact on someone of his caliber, maybe sharing it with more people in the form of a book could truly impact others too.”

Unable to forget his words, I couldn’t ignore it anymore. So, I sat down at the computer one day and typed “Chapter One”……


From there the words poured out of me for WEEKS. It was as if someone had poured gasoline on the flame inside me and I couldn’t stop. I wrote and wrote and wrote some more.

Until, I didn’t.

After weeks had passed, that flame started to lose its fervor. I froze. I had lost all momentum.

Where did my momentum go? Why couldn’t I continue to write? It’s my story. I know it by heart. Why am I in a block?

Slowly, the answer appeared. FEAR.

Fear of failure. Fear of it being a terrible book that no one would read. Fear of hurting my family by writing it. Fear of not being worthy enough to write a book. Fear of not having a story worth writing. The fears continued to grow into paralysis.

I filed the book away into the depths of my computer. Never to open it again for YEARS.

Fast forward to one day when I had gotten a new laptop. I was transferring files over to the new laptop when I came across my book file. I opened it and started to read some of what I wrote. There again, the flame started to ignite. I picked up where I had left off and started writing again. Gaining momentum in getting more chapters completed. It felt good.

Until, it didn’t.

Yet again, I lost all momentum.

I had people asking about the book after years of telling people I was writing one. “Where is this book you’ve been taking about?”, they’d ask. Nowhere to be found. I hadn’t finished it yet. I felt like a fraud. The girl who cried wolf.

Years pass. I am 36 years old. After being in a master mind group. I am invited to writers retreat in Palm Springs hosted by the leader of the group. She is someone I really look up to and aspire to be. After some consideration, I decide to attend. I book a ticket.

During this retreat, while others in the group head out for a day on the town, I elect to stay behind and work on my book. Something inside me was calling to those unfinished chapters. I start to go through the words and chapters I had already written. Starting to feel that flame inside burn bright again. My momentum has returned.

After a few days, the retreat is over and I return home. Months go by. I stopped writing again.

One day, a dear friend is talking to me about my book. I tell her about the challenges I’ve had over the years in keeping my momentum going. How I feel like an imposter not getting this book out there after telling so many people about it.

She says she can help me edit it and get it the final stages.

Really?! I started to feel inspired to write again. The flame inside grew BRIGHT.

I had someone to support me and see what felt like a life long project to the finish line!

She had just published her own book. This gave me confidence.

We began the journey of editing and finessing the chapters. We met twice a week for 8 months.

Her unwavering faith in me and my story was EXACTLY what I needed to see this through. What started as maybe 8 or 9 chapters is now 20 chapters, 192 pages and 54,000 words.

It’s taken me 22 years to write, but it is with great honor, excitement and gratitude, I am happy to announce the release of The Throw Away Girl!!

I am now taking preorders for the book. All pre-orders will be hand signed with a release date of January 11, 2023.

You guys, this is scary, but I’m doing it.

It’s time.

I want my story to inspire others to realize they too can do hard things. Your past is not a crutch. It is a stepping stone to the future. I hope this book helps to feed your flame. You are not alone.

Thank you for reading this and supporting me on my journey in becoming a published author.


Tiffany Barnes is familiar with overcoming hardships.

After enduring physical, mental, and sexual abuse, Tiffany was emancipated at the age of 15. At the time, she was only the second case in the state of Utah for a child of that age to become legally emancipated from her parents.

While working three jobs to support herself through high school, Tiffany became a Sterling Scholar, graduating top of her class, an athlete, and founder of S.H.A.R.E, an advocacy group for students, by students who had experienced abuse. What began as a small group of students supporting each other, S.H.A.R.E, has since grown and evolved into a 501c3 non-profit that stands for Sharing Hope for the Abused through Resilience and Empowerment.

As a torch bearer for the 2002 Olympics, Tiffany has always been determined to shine light in dark places. Helping others to “light their flame within.” While most might have used their unfortunate past as a crutch, Tiffany has chosen instead to use it as a stepping stone toward a better future.

Tiffany is now following her passion for helping others overcome through her work as a podcaster, author, and Keynote Speaker across the nation.

Tiffany has made it her mission to help others create real change, one person at a time. Her motto is “It’s the START that STOPS you.” Through her message, Tiffany helps others to begin their journey of resilience and empowerment from adverse circumstances one step at a time!

What Readers Are Saying

Everyone should read this book at least once in their lifetime. If you have been forced to suffer the terrible effects of any ugly form of abuse, this will help to heal and strengthen you. If you have been fortunate as I have to have grown up in a home where you are cherished and loved, you should read this book as a powerful reminder of all that you have to be grateful for. Tiffany's message is empowering, life-changing, inspirational and deeply touching.

- J A.

CEO, ABC Organization

Tiffany’s story is so remarkable. I loved this book because she took a negative experience and turned it into the exact opposite, a life of success. The things she went through and to be where she is now is amazing to read about. If you want to feel inspired, this is a must read! She is amazing!

- Anna D.

CEO, ABC Organization

I could not put this book down!! A story of human resilience and strength. Tiffany was so smart in knowing there was more for her in life... That's what made the book so strong was her ability to always look ahead no matter what she was going through even as a child. It left the reader always wanting to know what was around the corner. The book flowed well and was very well written. This book was written by a resilient, beautiful soul.

- Deanna C.

CEO, ABC Organization

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